Sewing has been a major part of my life. As a young girl, one of my memories is grandmother repairing clothes, her love of pockets she added them to everything, shirts, pants, and coats. 

My mother made quilts, doll clothes, I always admired her because she sewed everything by hand. I felt special when mother made me something because I know it would not be like anyone else. she would give us the leftover fabric to make doll clothes.

 If I was not reading, another passion of mine, I would be sewing clothes for my friends or myself. I taught myself a lot about alterations, by fixing other clothing.

I took every sewing class offered in school, my teachers would let me sew at my own pace, only when they felt I could do better they would have me take it apart and put it back together. I love sewing so much I would go home each day and make me something new to wear the next day to school. 

I taught myself to draft patterns from pictures/magazines. In College, I took Fashion Merchandising I learning about the history of fashion as well as the fashion business. I was a featured Designer in several fashion shows. I have worked for several Fabric stores, while there I taught classes, to all age customers while assisting them with projects, and  purchases. I continue to learn, study the art of design, dressmaking, fitting and teaching my self how to dye fabric. 

Forming Customized Authentic Necessities LLC, allows me to combine my years of experience working with people of all ages and sharing the love for sewing. Sharing the skills and tools needed to create one’s style through designing and sewing garments is powerful. I look forward to seeing the joy,  self-esteem grown in participants’ experience when completing their projects. For me, seeing the joy and pride sewing can bring to others is exciting. My patience, flexibility, and professional guidance will help you develop style every step of the way.