Who we are

Our website address is: https://sewingunique.com.

CODE OF CONDUCT. The services being provided are between the client and the instructor only.  Therefore, all matters concerning services should be handled directly between the instructor and the client unless under the age of 18; whereas contact will be handled between the legal guardian; the instructor.  No third-party contact is allowed under any circumstances.
     Contact should be within reasonable business hours and not exceeding those times specified by the Owner. Rush orders are available for an additional fee; however, the time frames specified will be considered reasonable timing for the completion of any order (Normally 2-4 weeks). If the client has any issues with services; the Owner/instructor should be addressed directly.
Any efforts to defame the Owner, the company, or its likeness using blogs, networking sites, and other social outlets (Collectively referred to as “Social Media”) by the client or third parties associated with the client shall be considered a breach of this
Any breach of this clause would consequently deem clients a conflict of interest resulting in a void of this agreement, a forfeit of any deposits paid, and possible legal action. Any Fabrics, Trims, or  additional Details will be considered the clients property and will be surrendered to them should this happen.
  • Most class average three hours in length but times may vary for workshops and parties.
  • Beginner sewing classes are held on a monthly basis and last four weeks at a time. 
  • Registration fee and half of tuition is required to reserve a place in a class
  • Because of the schedules time does not allow for classes to be made up or give refunds.
  • Sewing machine will be provided for everyone in the class.
  • Participants are allowed to bring their own machine but must have the instruction booklet. 

Travel fee will be added to request for classes held in individual’s homes.