240.00 $


Basic Black Dress ~ Sewing: Classes| Patterns| Drafting| fabric

January 9, 2020 – Cost $240, Weekend Workshop

Call about questions 785-251-8647

I sharing the many lesson learned concerning pattern choice. When I first started out, I picked cute and trendy styles that I thought would work or imagined would be great for me when I saw them on.  I have many fails when it came to my proportions and personal style.

Now that I have a more critical approach, I rarely have a fail.  Because I have trained my eye to examine the garment’s proportions before I attempt it.  Make changes in the pattern, cut out muslin with take all the risk out I know exactly what and where the adjustment needs to be made.

As my students I will teach you how to, trouble shoot on the spot in private lessons or group sessions. What I have learn is most people have the same 3 or 4 adjustment they must do to get a garment to work.

You will learn to take your measurements, apply them to a sloper, make pattern, create a muslin (sample) of the black dress, try it on then make the adjustments. draft a pattern.  You will them cut it out on the fabric you selected.  I will introduce you to tips and tricks that will make the tasks so easy, and fun.  it will become your favorite black dress because it will fit and give you the style you love.  

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